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I teach solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners how to succeed better financially, by creating extra income streams, mastering the skills of networking, social selling and personal branding.

Many struggle with finances and approx. 50% of all start-ups do not survive their first 5 years in business. Many due to the lack of really understanding their target market, insufficient marketing, no clear business plan and therefore running out of funding and personal money.

It is my mission to help business owners overcome these obstacles and help them create a better plan.  A plan of action, that will enable them to enjoy the freedom and flexibility they envisioned, when they first started their own businesses. A plan that they will be excited to follow - beacuse it is their plan.

Think bigger!

I will challenge you to think bigger, and help you get educated on business and finances.

I will help you expand your network of people with experience, who are willing to help you.

It really is just a matter of perspective and knowledge, and as you expand yours, things will be easier for you on your journey.

Take Action!

Knowledge is far from enough. You need to take that knowledge and turn it into a plan of action - that you will actually follow!

We will create a plan that will fire you up and give you the proper fuel and drive to be excited about your business. If the plan does not excite you - it is the wrong plan for you.

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New Online Academy

By January 1st. 2022 you will be able to become a member of our online Academy.

You will learn how to create extra streams of income in your business, being in a community with other entrepreneurs with similar challenges, goals and ambitions.

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I do both online and offline consulting, depending on the project and business that you have. 

Initially we will book a 15 minute talk to figure out, if there is a match and we both believe that I can help you improve your business.

Please click the button below to book your call in my calendar. 

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